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    when use drawer in imagelib.dll, the line function can only draw single pixel line. it would be great with the pen.value parameter can be replace with a brush or a pict so we can draw thick lines.

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    3-pixel line

    Here is a 3-pixel wide line that I use as a route line between points on the map:

    form5.FLine(Point(i).x ,Point(i).y ,Point(i+1).x,Point(i+1).y ,RGB(RTL.R,RTL.G,RTL.B))
    form5.FLine(Point(i).x+1 ,Point(i).y ,Point(i+1).x+1,Point(i+1).y ,RGB(RTL.R,RTL.G,RTL.B))
    form5.FLine(Point(i).x-1 ,Point(i).y ,Point(i+1).x-1,Point(i+1).y ,RGB(RTL.R,RTL.G,RTL.B))
    form5.FLine(Point(i).x , Point(i).y+1 ,Point(i+1).x,Point(i+1).y+1 ,RGB(RTL.R,RTL.G,RTL.B))
    form5.FLine(Point(i).x ,Point(i).y-1 ,Point(i+1).x,Point(i+1).y-1 ,RGB(RTL.R,RTL.G,RTL.B))