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Here is the basic objectSnap.bmp can be a guide for the icons.

I Hope I'm not complicating the project. My only purpose is giving the simplest overall basic pattern of the CAD I knew that could work efficiently in which can be considered in data structuring. You could stop me otherwise you have other approach.:sign0188:


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Hi Rioven,

Thank you for the icons.

In the meantime I have downloaded the demo version of QDad, a small CAD program, and saw the basics. I am on the way to change the program and it's structure to fit these functions including the snap functions. Unfortunately I haven't done much the last days, but it it is still in progress.

Best regards.


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DXF File format

Just a thought...
I found this DXF(Autodesk) format as popular, and can be imported in many CAD softwares.

In this link LINK, it was discussed some CAD file structuring. Maybe someone could explain or interpret this in simpler way.

We need to decide which file format/structure to use for our simple 2D CAD program. Any other ideas or suggestions?

I've found this PowerCAD CE demo version for Windows PPC. Can be one of our guide.