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I have some sprite sheet i would like to edit. For example, if i have the below sprite sheet, is it possible to edit it in an imageview e.g. by selecting first sprite and then copying it to another imageview where i can change it?



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Yes, you can use canvas to get the sprite at row, column with two spinner controls (you' ll need to know the spacing between sprites and the first/last row/column spacing) and set the image on the imageview control.

If you're using Games Example Pack, you can load the sprites file on Tiled and get the sprites from Tile file json (see walking character example with kid sprites) and with a spinner, select the sprite from array.

Another option is use an external program to edit the sprites like (it's simpler than code a sprite sheet editor).

P.D: Transform the jpg image to a png image with transparent background (change the blue light color to transparent)
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