Bug? Editor b4A 5.0 - Tabfolder disapears


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I created a new class module for my project: classTracks.
It was shown in the tabfolders and in the modules list on the right.
Now I copied subs from the existing class : jk_class to classTracks
I use CTRL C and CTRL V.

What happen, is that module classTracks disapears from the tabfolders, see screenshot 1,
but it´s still in the module list on the right, see screenshot 2.
When I click on classTRacks on the module list that the tabfolder
of classTracks appears again.

This happens in a short time for about 3 times. I cant reproduce it, but i will try.




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But when a modul is open, it should not be closed in the editor alone.
Maybe I hit a hot key, but there seems to be no hot key for closing a tabfolder.

No. I didnt reloaded it. I have 7 modules and added the 8.
The tabfolder of the 8. modul disapeared while working. I think I was clicking
on an other modul in the modules list.
There is enough place to show all tabfolders on my monitor.