Android Question Emulator, Variant, and image Sizes


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I am new to B4a and a little confused about all of the above
The AVD manager screen size options show a 4" phone as 480 x 854 Scale 1.5 which I interpret as 320 x 570 actual image, magnified by 1.5 on my computer screen

Variants list a portrait phone as 320 x 480 Scale=1

When designer is connected to the emulator for wysiwyg the device details ( emulator - 5554) at the bottom show as 480 x 800 scale 1.5 (240dpi)

A 320 x 533 image fits the emulator screen perfectly, ie 480/1.5 and 800/1.5

So, can someone please explain how this all works and the interrelation, especially that of a variant.