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Bernaert Dominique

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I have a new apple phone.
I follow the procedure to build B4i-Bridge and open the URL.
It cannot be installed because the integrity could not be verified.

I've searched the web for a solution and found that the developer mode should be activated.
But i don't see the option.
Is there a way to activate developer mode without having a mac with XCode?
I only have a Windows pc and I'm using hosted builder.

Thank you for helping me out.



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Hi please try this-
NOTE - If you do not find Developer Mode on your new handset (Privacy & Security - scroll down - Developer Mode) like me and do not have a MAC or Xcode installed -

Then do the following

1. First - add the new device UDID to the list of devices on your Apple account, create a new provision profile and download it.
2. Then replace that with your old mobile provision you had.
3. Create a new project and then add your package name in Project-> Build Configurations.
4. Then go to tools and Build Server -> Build B4i -Bridge App.
5. Note in Erels troubleshooting mode at this point I downloaded and installed b4i certificate and trusted it from (

You will now see it load onto your homescreen and without the integrity issue but you then can go into settings.
6- Enable developer mode: Settings - Privacy & Security - scroll down - Developer Mode enable it back to homescreen and ilaunch B4i Bridge

Hope this helps
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