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CloudMQTT End of Life Announcement

After careful consideration, we want to inform you that CloudMQTT will be discontinuing its services. The process is expected to be completed within the next year, reaching end of life on January 27, 2025. During this transition, you will have time to move to alternative solutions. We are committed to providing support during this transition.

These are your affected accounts: ESPControl (varkxlrq), WalkTalk (tfmntyfc)

Important dates:
2025-01-27 End of Life - Service available until this date
2025-01-28 Brownout Schedule Starts - Daily regular interruptions
2025-02-28 Blackout - Service terminated, all data deleted

We want to express our gratitude to our customers and partners who have been with us through this time. Even though this chapter may be ending, our commitment to supporting you as a customer remains throughout the process.

For migration options, contact information to our support team and granular details about the shutdown, follow this link: