Android Question Erro de envio FTP

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by LAZARO, May 6, 2019.


    LAZARO Member Licensed User

    How do I get permission to upload?
    I already researched and tested all possible options suggested but to no avail.
    What is happening is that I can not write to the server and it returns the message: 550 acess denied
    It is clear that I am not allowed to do this, but all the suggestions I have found have not worked.

  2. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    username and/or password seems to be wrong maybe?
    Or the path you are accessing does not have the right permissions for you to write there

    I would suggest to contact the ftp administrator and ask for help there.
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    LAZARO Member Licensed User

    I have another system for Windows that is registering and saving correctly on the server in the folder I want.
    I've already contacted the server administrator and they told me that there is no restriction.
    They also said that the restriction is on my device.
  4. José J. Aguilar

    José J. Aguilar Well-Known Member Licensed User

    So please share your code with us, it will be helpful in order to help you
  5. zuibaf

    zuibaf Member Licensed User

    Este erro:
    550 acess denied
    indica que vc não tem acesso há algum recurso no servidor ftp, por exemplo, vc autenticou com o usuário e senha, entretanto, o usuário em questão não tem acesso há algum recurso no servidor.
    Poste o código em questão, fica mais fácil identificar onde está ocorrendo o erro.
  6. zuibaf

    zuibaf Member Licensed User


    LAZARO Member Licensed User

    'Sub Process_Globals -> Dim FTP As FTP
       Dim TextWriter1 As TextWriter
    File.OpenOutput(File.DirInternal , "FILE.TXT"False))
    Dim RXT01 As String
    FTP.Initialize("FTP"""21 , """#######")
    Dim sf As Object = FTP.UploadFile(File.DirInternal, "FILE.TXT"False"/")
    Wait For (sf) ftp_UploadCompleted (ServerPath As String, Success As Boolean)
  8. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Why aren't you using File.WriteString(...) ?

    This error comes from the FTP server. It has nothing to do with Android permissions.
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