iOS Question Error: Build b4i-Bridge App


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I have following all steps described here:

Also, follow the steps on this post:

Today, I just purchase the hosted builder (A E-mail with the password was provided)

When I try to built the B4i-Bridge App, I have this error:

Compiling code. (0.00s)
Building designer app. (0.01s)
Building Xcode project. (0.09s)
Preparing project for builder. (0.05s)
Project size: 0.23 MB
Sending data to remote compiler. Error
Out: Command line invocation:
/Applications/ -configuration Release PRODUCT_NAME=B4i-Bridge CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload "CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY=iPhone Developer: Jesus Tarre (P6VT8AK368)" "OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS=--keychain <user id>" PROVISIONING_PROFILE=8b30e4f4-a6c8-4607-811b-c0ec74f6eac6 -arch arm64

User defaults from command line:
IDEPackageSupportUseBuiltinSCM = YES

Build settings from command line:
ARCHS = arm64
CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone Developer: Jesus Tarre (P6VT8AK368)
CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR = /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/Payload
OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS = --keychain <user id>
PROVISIONING_PROFILE = 8b30e4f4-a6c8-4607-811b-c0ec74f6eac6

note: Using codesigning identity override: iPhone Developer: Jesus Tarre (P6VT8AK368)
warning: Building targets in manual order is deprecated - check "Parallelize build for command-line builds" in the project editor, or set DISABLE_MANUAL_TARGET_ORDER_BUILD_WARNING in any of the targets in the current build to suppress this warning
note: Target dependency graph (1 target)
Target 'B4iProject' in project 'B4iProject' (no dependencies)


Build description signature: c9ceb89661204116ee9ad6200defca50
Build description path: /Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/build/XCBuildData/c9ceb89661204116ee9ad6200defca50.xcbuilddata

/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/B4iProject.xcodeproj: warning: The iOS deployment target 'IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET' is set to 11.0, but the range of supported deployment target versions is 12.0 to 17.2.99. (in target 'B4iProject' from project 'B4iProject')
/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/B4iProject.xcodeproj: error: Missing private key for signing certificate. Failed to locate the private key matching certificate "iPhone Developer: Jesus Tarre (P6VT8AK368)" in the keychain. To sign with this signing certificate, install its private key in your keychain. If you don't have the private key, select a different signing certificate for CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY in the build settings editor. (in target 'B4iProject' from project 'B4iProject')
/Users/administrator/Documents/UploadedProjects/<user id>/B4iProject.xcodeproj: error: Provisioning profile "dev_jesustarre" has app ID "", which does not match the bundle ID "". (in target 'B4iProject' from project 'B4iProject')

Error: ** BUILD FAILED **

For curiosity, I tried build the release app without any errors, but I do not have b4i-bridge installed so I cannot see my app on the device.

I will appreciate any help!