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Android Question Error Code : 1294 (SQLITE_CANTOPEN_ENOENT)

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by PierPaduan, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. PierPaduan

    PierPaduan Active Member Licensed User

    Hi everyone.

    I have my app on Google Play.
    Crashlytics reported me the following error from one user.

    It happened five times on a single device:
    Brand: samsung
    Model: SM-N950U
    Android version: 8.0.0

    For development I use a Galaxy Samsung S7 Edge with Android 8.0.0 and it works correctly.
    I've tried on the S7 to uninstall and install again from Google Play and all works correctly.

    I don't know how to fix this problem. Someone can help me?
    Thanks a Lot to everyone.

    My Starter code is the following:
    #Region  Service Attributes
    #StartAtBoot: False
    #End Region

    Sub Process_Globals
    Public sql As SQL
    Public rp As RuntimePermissions
    Public SafeDirDefExt As String
    Public Provider As FileProvider

    Public CL As Crashlytics        'Per crashlytics
    End Sub

    Sub Service_Create
        SafeDirDefExt = rp.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal(
    'if doesn't exist I create the directory
        If File.Exists(SafeDirDefExt, "/SETandGO/Data") = False Then
    File.MakeDir(SafeDirDefExt, "/SETandGO/Data")
    End If

    If File.Exists(SafeDirDefExt & "/SETandGO/Data""ReportsButtWeld_v1.db"Then
    'open database
            sql.Initialize(SafeDirDefExt & "/SETandGO/Data""ReportsButtWeld_v1.db"True)
    'create and open database
            sql.Initialize(SafeDirDefExt & "/SETandGO/Data""ReportsButtWeld_v1.db"True)
    sql"reports",  _
    "id": DBUtils.DB_INTEGER, _
    "mo_modello_macchina": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "pa_tepa": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "di_diametro": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "sd_sdr": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "en_spessore": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "ma_materiale": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "st_norma": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "pi_press_interf": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "pt_drag": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "CL_tpmin": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "CN_tpnom": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "CH_tpmax": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "Ab_dim_bord": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p1_pbord": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p2_prisc": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p3_psald": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p4_pdual": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t1_tbord": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t2_trisc": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t3_tscambio": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t4_trampa": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t5_tsald": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t6_tdual": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t7_traffr": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "bo_badge": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "tp_traccia1": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "ts_traccia2": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "la_gpslat": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "lo_gpslon": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "sn_matricola": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _        'matricola della saldatrice richiesta e ricevuta ad inizio comunicazione tra app e saldatrice.
            "ns_numsald": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _        'numero della saldatura ricevuta ad inizio comunicazione +1, deve essere uguale al numero "ns_numsald_rx" che viene ricevuto con il report dalla saldatrice.
            "dd_day_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "mm_month_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "yy_year_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "hh_hour_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "mi_minute_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "CP_temptp_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "CA_tempamb_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "mr_proxrevmese_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "ar_proxrevanno_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "vf_versfirm_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "sn_matricola_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _    'matricola della saldatrice ricevuta con il report.
            "di_diametro_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "ma_materiale_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "sd_sdr_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "op_operatore_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "lu_luogosald_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "no_note_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "ns_numsald_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _        'numero della saldatura ricevuto con il report.
            "pt_drag_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p1_pbord_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p2_prisc_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p3_psald_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "p4_pdual_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t1_tbord_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t2_trisc_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t3_tscambio_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t4_trampa_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t5_tsald_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t6_tdual_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "t7_traffr_teo_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "TT_tempo_tot_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "P1_pbord_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "P2_prisc_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "P3_psald_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "P4_pdual_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "T1_tbord_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "T2_trisc_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "T3_tscambio_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "T4_trampa_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "T5_tsald_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "T6_tdual_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "T7_traffr_real_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "es_esito_rx": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "note_app": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "picture_dir": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "picture1": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "picture2": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _
    "punti_fase": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _            'memorizzo le fasi del ciclo inviate dalla saldatrice durante la saldatura, ognuna seguita da un separatore       
            "punti_tempo": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _            'memorizzo i tempi inviati dalla saldatrice durante la saldatura, ognuno seguito da un separatore
            "punti_temperatura": DBUtils.DB_TEXT, _        'memorizzo le temperature inviate dalla saldatrice durante la saldatura, ognuna seguita da un separatore
            "punti_pressione": DBUtils.DB_TEXT), _        'memorizzo le pressioni inviate dalla saldatrice durante la saldatura, ognuna seguita da un separatore

    End If
        'For crashlytics
        Dim context As JavaObject 'depends on JavaObject
    End Sub

    Sub Service_Start (StartingIntent As Intent)

    End Sub

    Sub Service_Destroy

    End Sub
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    File.DirInternal is the safest folder to use.

    There are some cases where the secondary storage will not be available. You can test whether File.ExternalWritable is true or not.

    It is also possible that there is no space left on the device. In that case there is nothing that you can do.
  3. PierPaduan

    PierPaduan Active Member Licensed User

    Do you mean to do this way:
    'SafeDirDefExt = rp.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal("")
        If File.ExternalWritable Then
            SafeDirDefExt = rp.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal(
            SafeDirDefExt = 
    End If
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Dir = File.DirInternal
    That is unless you have a special reason to use the secondary storage.
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