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hello !!

I'm having the below error with css file

Program started.
main._appstart (java line: 49)
com.sun.javafx.fxml.PropertyNotFoundException: Property "stylesheets" does not exist or is read-only.

comparing fxml files that work with those who work not reached the following conclusion:

the tag "stylesheets" is separated in this way
<URL value = "@ Login.css" />
</ stylesheets>

do not work
the tag "stylesheets" this within the tag line <AnchorPane>
<AnchorPane maxHeight = "- Infinity" ...... stylesheets = "@ Login.css" ...... //javafx.com/fxml/1 ">

My JavaFX Scene Builder 2.0 are recorded in the wrong way.
JavaFX Scene Builder reinstalled 2.0 but nothing worked

How do I fix this?

if my English is very bad ... blame Google Translate...

Dim JForm The JavaObject = myForm
Dim The scene JavaObject = jForm.GetField ("scene")
Dim stylesheets The List = scene.RunMethod ("getStylesheets", Null)
stylesheets.Add (File.GetUri (File.DirAssets "cPrinc.css"))


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