Java Question error while creating library- cant able to generate xml files

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"C:\Users\Madhaw Agrawal\B4AWrapperTutorial\MaterialTapTarget\src\B4AtoXML.bat"
Working with class: com.example.materialtaptarget.MaterialTargetPromptWrapper
Working with class: com.example.materialtaptarget.MaterialTapTargetBuilderWrapper
finish: C:\Users\Madhaw Agrawal\B4AWrapperTutorial\MaterialTapTarget\build\B4Alibs\MaterialTapTarget.xml
Process finished with exit code 0



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Exactly i am also not able to see error but as you can see in screenshot xml file is not generated. Can you help me with a solution?? can i send you that code project in your mail so that you can able to check what the error is?