Bug? Error writing file. Error saving APK - to tablet (maybe)


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I recently installed B4A v9.80.
I opened an existing project and “Bridged” it to an ASUS tablet (Android 7.0), and Ran the project to the tablet.
This I’ve done hundreds of times to-date with various apps, with success, to the same tablet.

What happens:
The B4A Build completes all the way thru and the Build dialog closes.
The tablet B4A-Bridge reports 2 errors:
1) Error writing file
2) Error saving APK

The B4A-Bridge progress bar is left displaying at 100%. The APK is not installed or launched.
The IDE is left in the Run state and the Logs tab displays nothing, no errors.

The app is installed and launched as normal.

// UPDATE //
This error happened yesterday, and now this morning when I was going to get the tablet screenshots of the error, everything went as normal - the app installed and the app launched.
So sorry, I can't get screenshots of the error for you.
I hope this continues well as expected.

Mark Stuart