iOS Question Errors and Problems with B4i Bridge (SOLVED)


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Hi Everyone, Greetings,

I want to share my recent experience with B4i and B4i Bridge problems (Running and Compiling).

A few days ago I tried to Use B4i Brigde to Debug a IOS App, however when I tab on the Phone App, I got a Message stating the "App is not longer available", I got the message and the app just quit.
I deleted it and tried to compile a New Bridge App, however i received a message indicating that I need to use development certificate and provisioning. After Fixing it, I tried to compile again however I got a new message indicating that the app stated in my provisioning file is different thant the app I am compiling (B4i compiling). Over here, I started to search and watch Erel's videos over and over, I followed these videos at begining of 2021 and everything went fine. But I didn't put too much attention to details, it just worked at first try. This is a list of issues about my B4i Brigde compiling.

1) After getting Apple Developer Account and Device Setting I create identificator, certificates and provisioning (Jan 2021)
2) My First App to Compile Was B4i Brigde (using a provisioning wild card app.* , valid for every app starting with app identificator)
3) After Getting B4i Brigde up and Running, I create the final app, using a store and development certificates.
4) I have to renew subscription on Jan 2022, so Apple a message that My Certificates are going to expire, so I delete the old certificates and created a new ones
5) I compiled my final app with the new certificates, send to it to Test Flight and App Store, I was just happy, everthing went ok.
6) B4i Bridge keep working until end of March,
7) The Basic Problem with B4i Brigde was that It was compiled using 2021 Certificates not longer Available (but it worked some months after January 2022)
8) I have only one provisioning for my final app (no the wildcard one). So I have to create a provisioning with wild card (using my actual certicates)
9) After dowloading my wild card provisioning and put it on my keys directory, everthing compiled ok so I can install on my Iphone

Final Comments:
1) I have to recompile my B4i Bridge after renewing my certificates (yearly)
2) For compiling B4i , I need a new provisioning based on new certificate.

Best Regards,

Virgilio from Panama