1. virpalacios

    iOS Question Errors and Problems with B4i Bridge (SOLVED)

    Hi Everyone, Greetings, I want to share my recent experience with B4i and B4i Bridge problems (Running and Compiling). A few days ago I tried to Use B4i Brigde to Debug a IOS App, however when I tab on the Phone App, I got a Message stating the "App is not longer available", I got the message...
  2. IndieDev

    Android Question Google sheets API Key error

    Hi, Trying to access a Google Sheet using OAUTH v2.10 Getting this error... ResponseError. Reason: , Response: { "error": { "code": 400, "message": "API key not valid. Please pass a valid API key.", "status": "INVALID_ARGUMENT", "details": [ { "@type"...
  3. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Google translate API REST authentic

    Hi all! I'm trying to post, but I'm doing something wrong. create a service account as indicated in the toturial and save the credential in GOOGLE_APLICATIONS_CREDENCIALS Instructiones google API REST Translate: HTTP method...
  4. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    iOS Question Error when trying to publish an application only for iphone

    Hi everyone! I made an app that I just want to work on Iphone, Incorporate #Target: iPhone to the code, but when trying to publish the app in the appstore, it continues generating the following error, can you give me any clue or idea how to solve it? Your app crashed on iPad running iOS 13.4 on...
  5. R

    Android Question BCrypt usage help [Solved]

    Hi Currently using the BCrypt library by donmanfred but having a little trouble with 'checkpw', possibly due to me not quite understanding the correct syntax for this lib This is what I am using in my code: Private crypt As BCrypt crypt.Initialize("") If crypt.checkpw(string.Text, hash.Text)=...
  6. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    iOS Question ApplicationLabel not set.

    Hi, I'm trying to compile my first app on ios. when I compile it generates this error, Applicartionlabel not set. B4i Version: 6.30 Parsing code (0.15s) Building folders structure. (1.08s) Compiling code (0.37s) Compiling layouts code. (0.02s) Building Xcode project Error ApplicationLabel not...
  7. R

    Android Question aPOI (jPOI for Android) with ProgressDialog

    I have an app that will compile an xlsx file. The process of creating and saving the file takes about 20 seconds. Currently I am trying to implement a Progress Dialog so the end user can see something is happening. I hoped it would be something as simple as adding ProgressDialogShow2("Please...
  8. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question IME_HeightChanged (NewHeight As Int, OldHeight As Int) Not found

    HI Everyone I have a large project, where I need to control the keyboard but for some reason I cannot determine the cause. Does not lift the IME_HeightChanged (NewHeight As Int, OldHeight As Int) function In a test project it works fine, but when you agree with my big project it doesn't work. I...
  9. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Loading Images customListView

    Hi Everyone! This code is a chat, where each message loads in a customlistview the image of the user. When I start the activity, I load the conversations saved in a SQLITE previously, (more than 50 conversations with images) and in this case it takes too long. I suppose it is to load the image...
  10. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Firebase sign In email/password FirebaseAuthEx2 V0.03

    Hi! I was testing FirebaseAuthex2, I find two problems. First the resetpassword function not found. Sub btnResetPassword_Click authex.sendPasswordResetEmail("xxxxxxxx") End Sub I Verify in Firebase and in the email account, do not execute the command It does not return any errors and does...
  11. wizard699

    Android Question AS Bottom Menu change icon menu color not selected

    Hi. It's possibile to change the entire set of icons when they are not selected? Or only white icon it's possible?
  12. M

    Android Question [Solved] Label with white characters and no black outline round each letter

    I need labels with a transparent background and white text without a black outline on each character. How should I do that or what should I read? Or should I create images instead of using labels and draw the text? I saw this which would make it easier to get the size correct.
  13. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question wait for problem

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with the wait for. For some reason you are not loading the images correctly in this code that completes a customlistview. Use a wait to download an image in firebase, if the succes is false, call another function to download the image with downloadimage. I am...
  14. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question SOLVED Firestore WhereEqualto not Found

    Hello everyone! For some reason, this type of query is not working for me. I test with Wherewqualto2 and whereEqualToString. Returns all records in the collection. Any help you can give me? fs.Initialize("Firestore",True) Dim listar_vuelos As CollectionReference=...
  15. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Organizing libraries Error Parameter name: length b4a 9.30

    Hello everyone install b4a on a new pc. It turns out that I compile a code and throw this error at me. Any clue that you can give me? Organizing libraries Error Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length regards
  16. N

    Android Question [SOLVED] Disappearing widget

    Hi. Any idea why my app's 1x1 widget sometimes disappears from the homescreen? It's still there, if you remember where you placed it and long-press then click resize it shows again. Panel is 60x60 with 60x60 imageview in it. The image is 512x512 pixels
  17. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Firestore component is not present

    Hi, when executing the code fs.Initialize("Firestore",True), it generates the following unexpected error. I do not realize why it happens. Version B4A 9.30. main_setstate (B4A line: 225) fs.Initialize("Firestore",True) java.lang.NullPointerException: Firestore component is not present. at...
  18. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Firebase Ui error compile example

    Hello, I'm trying to compile Don Manfred's example from the Firebase Ui library and I get the following error. Version B4A: 9.01.2 Java version: 11 Analysis code. (0.03s) Structure of construction folders. (0.06s) Compilation code. (0.05s) Compiling design code. (0.00s) Organization of...
  19. F

    Android Question [Solved] B4AFluidSlider modify steps of values

    Hi Community, I just bought B4A today and already wrote my first program. In that program i am using B4AFluidSlider to select values between 25 and 500. Basically I would need the values to change in steps of 25, as selecting the detailed value one by one stepwidth is very hard to do. I always...
  20. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Firebase Facebook Auth

    Hi, I set up Facebook Auth according to the instructions. When I execute the code, facebook makes the start successfully. But, Firebase does not receive any news. The id APP and Key secret are correct in Firebase. Can someone give me an idea of what can happen? create the hash according to what...