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Hello to all forum members. I've been seeing some topics here about ESC/ POS.
example 1: Bluetooth ESC/POS Printer Class by agraham
example 2: SD EscPos Printer (Lan,USB, Bluetooth SPP, BLE)

But none of them can solve my problem, because they don't print a pdf, just line of text, images, qr and bar code.

I would like my app to be listed in the printers, as this app named ESCPOS Bluetooth was listed, or print the my pdf without going through the standard android print service.

Screenshot_20220831-134714_Print Spooler.jpg

Please if anyone has a solution, please help me.

Note: The app ESC POS Print I mentioned above has a github forum for android studio, but I don't know how I can adapt to B4A


  • Screenshot_20220831-134714_Print Spooler.jpg
    Screenshot_20220831-134714_Print Spooler.jpg
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Use @Star-Dust solution:
1- convert pdf to image
2- print image using printbitmap
Here is a snippet to extract image from pdf.

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