1. yo3ggx

    Android Question Capture buttons from a Bluetooth audio device

    Hello, I have a Bluetooth audio device (mic+speaker) with 3 more buttons. Tried to capture following intents using BroadcastReceiver: "android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON" "android.bluetooth.headset.action.VENDOR_SPECIFIC_HEADSET_EVENT" Tried to request AudioFocus and start a mediaplayer ( as...
  2. red30

    Android Question Permissions to work with Bluetooth and BLE depending on the target Sdk version

    Right now you can't upload an app with targetSdkversion<31 on Google play, so I had to install target Sdk=31 version to keep my apps updated. As I understand it, now it is desirable to immediately set targetSdkversion=33, since in the future there will still be a mandatory transition to...
  3. red30

    Android Question Request to turn on Bluetooth

    Apps that use Bluetooth require permission to start using it. How can I make such a request in B4A?
  4. S

    Android Question Newland N910 + N910 Base

    Hi experts, Does anyone here have experience working with Newland based POS devices. Currently building android app to connect to N910 Base via Bluetooth and I'm able start a connection but when I try to send data to it, it does not show up on my laptop. For your information N910 also have a...
  5. SJQ

    Android Question BLE & Bluetooth Classic Issues in separate apps when running on the same device.

    I have two applications running on various Android devices with varying SDK versions, so, this isn't an issue with a particular version of android. One application uses BLE and scans for a particular set of beacons, these beacons have buttons and when pressed the name of the beacon changes for...
  6. M

    iOS Question BLE SetNotify does not return anything

    Hi everyone, i've used BLE library with Android and i have the necessity to use the SetNotify method. On Android this method return a boolean value to tell if the operation went ok or not. On iOS seems that the SetNotify method does not have a return value. I use the return value to wait for...
  7. Uitenhage

    Android Question Bluetooth silent pairing in a kiosk app

    I have a Kiosk app based on It is set as the Device Owner and the Home Launcher. At the end of a shift the user needs to upload the data they have collected to a PC via Bluetooth which isn't a problem if the...
  8. yo3ggx

    Android Question Bluetooth audio mic

    Hello, I want top use a Bluetooth headset with AudioStreamer. I'm doing the initialization using HeadsetStreamer.Initialize2(VOICE_COMMUNICATION,"HeadsetStreamer",8000,True,16,STREAM_MUSIC) Unfortunately audio is playing on the headset, but phone mic is still used for audio input. Tried...
  9. moty22

    Share My Creation Android Bluetooth Arduino

    B4A app to control inputs and outputs of Arduino connected to Bluetooth module HC-05. Arduino sends 9 bytes, first byte=129 to mark the start and then 8 bytes 7 bits each of data. B4A sends 2 bytes. Update is every second. HC-05 is set to 9600 Baud rate.
  10. E

    Android Tutorial BLE nRF Connect pre-BLE2 problem solving

    It is surprising how often the basics get missed, when embroiled in heat of battle of programmer vs hardware, operating system, complex apis and libraries, etc. I have found that whenever my BLE2 programs don't work, it's always nice to know that everything else in the chain *is* working, and...
  11. F

    Android Question [SOLVED] Runtime BLUETOOTH_SCAN permission not working - android 12 device, targetsdk 31, android33 sdk

    Hello, I followed the instructions here to try to make the bluetooth scan work on Android 12 device with app targeted for API level 31. However, even though the permission is added in the manifest and...
  12. Humberto01

    Spanish Diferencias acerca de listview y CustomListview

    Hola y M. Buenos días para todos. Me llamo Humberto soy de Argentina, Entre Ríos, Gualeguaychú. Quería aprovechar esta consulta para presentarme y aprender a usar este sitio (además del Foro de consulta). Vengo de usar Android Studio y por accidente me topé con B4a el que comencé a mirar al...
  13. moty22

    Share My Creation OBD2 Bluetooth

    App uses OBD2 Bluetooth plug, it has ELM327 V2.1 IC that connects to all OBDII protocols. The app reads common PIDs, DTC (faults) and VID. To add PID you can use Code based on bluetooth example. The USB diagnostic plug...
  14. Abdull Cadre

    Android Question ESC POS Print Service

    Hello to all forum members. I've been seeing some topics here about ESC/ POS. example 1: Bluetooth ESC/POS Printer Class by agraham example 2: SD EscPos Printer (Lan,USB, Bluetooth SPP, BLE) But none of them can solve my problem, because they don't print a pdf, just line of text, images, qr and...
  15. Star-Dust

    B4A Library SD EscPos Printer (Lan,USB, Bluetooth SPP, BLE)

    This library allows you to print with thermal printers compatible with the ESC POS language in 4 different communication channels (USB, Bluetooth SPP, BLE, LAN) you can download the ble3 library from here The DEMO version prints one minute every 2. The full version of the library will be issued...
  16. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] SD Zebra (printer)

    This library is the result of my first approach with Zebra printers. I started by connecting via LAN (or Wi-Fi) ZPL language. I plan to connect via BLE and perhaps also via USB. Have a good time. Preview only works if you have an internet connection For ESC/POS Printer see here The Demo version...
  17. I

    Android Question Android and PC Communication over Bluetooth

    Can I have Sample Code for the communication between Mobile and PC over bluetooth. Also is it possible to connect multiple mobile devices with one PC Bluetooth app. If possible plese provide sample code.
  18. yo3ggx

    Android Question Using two audio channels at the same time (Bluetooth and USB audio)

    As I'm aware, in Android, when you connect an USB audio device this automatically replace internal audio device, but when a Bluetooth audio headset is connected, you can select between Bluetooth, Speaker or earpiece (as in the Phone app). It is possible to simultaneously use in an application...
  19. B

    Android Question Receiver service starting intent bluetooth extras problem

    Hi all, in my project there's a service module that listen for the ACTION_ACL_DISCONNECTED event. When it occurs, I want to analyze the intent's extras available in the Service_Start Sub. In the Android developer page they said that the Broadcast Action "Always contains the extra fields...
  20. b4x_android

    Bug? Failed to get gattService. the BluetoothGatt return with no services

    Hi I could not get the BT services list the code line 65 return null Because code line 57 return BluetoothGatt with services size 0 I know for sure that the BT Device I am working with is working properly This is my first task in a new job and it is very important for me to solve it as...