1. P

    Android Question 3 channel Bluetooth "oscilloscope" TOO slow

    Hi everyone - I am very new to B4A (competent in VB) and am struggling to implement a 3 channel scope (to display ECGs) from a Buetooth data stream from an Arduino with HC-06 and an Analog front end. I know my Arduino side it working well and sends each channel as text with a header "P1 " then...
  2. M

    iOS Question Forward notification via bluetooth

    Hi everyone, I've a question. There is a way to forward notifications to an bluetooth device, like the 10$ smartwatch does? Thanks
  3. Zlgo

    Android Example Simple BlueTooth printing

    First, someone post nice simple demo for bluetooth printing( but unfortunately I can't find this again for giving credits, but who ever is , thanks. Now, here is also demo based on this example mention in beginning but made decoration with necessary buttons and fields for better...
  4. D

    Android Example [B4X] [B4XPages] Bluetooth scanner in SPP mode

    Introduction I've been developing mobile application for over 25 years (Telxon, Symbol, Windows Mobile, Xamarin, Up until now the barcode scanners were integrated into the mobile device. I decided to see if I could develop an architecture as robust and flexible as I did on integrated...
  5. swChef

    Android Example B4XPages vs Activities, Bluetooth Example

    In the thread BT Pages Example, a new version of the BT example was created using Pages. Since I'm just looking at Pages for the first time, I popped the new and old versions into a code comparison utility (old version is linked in the new example post). However I found that, while with reason...
  6. A

    iOS Question Bluetooth ESC/POS Printer Class

    Hello How can I use the code of this link in b4i? is it possible?
  7. moty22

    Share My Creation Rev Counter Bluetooth OBD2

    RPM meter connected to Bluetooth OBD plug with ELM327. To request RPM you send to the ELM327 "010C" and the reply is: 7E8 04 41 0C 0D 80 . 7E8 = reply to test, 04 = reply with 4 bytes, 41 = reply OK, 0C = PID (command) echo, 0D 80 = 2 bytes of data. Most of the code is derived from Erel's examples.
  8. S

    Android Question [SOLVED] BLE Stops finding devices

    I am using the BLE2 Library V1.38 and the latest B4A. The app is used to calibrate BLE-based equipment that I designed and generally works well. The company selected a generic tablet to issue to the calibration companies, the idea being that a standard device is easier to support, even though it...
  9. solutionhacker

    Android Question BLE Peripheral as HID keyboard

    Hello all, I would like to write an Android app that allows the phone to act like a Bluetooth HID keyboard. I want to send keystrokes and commands from the app to a BIuetooth-enabled computer. Is that possible with the BLE Peripheral library? Can someone please show me an example of how it is...
  10. Mrphone

    Android Question Connect to Bluetooth to HM-17

    Hi How do I connect to the encrypted Bluetooth module HM-17? I want to connect to the HM-17 Bluetooth module through the Serial/BluetoothAdmin library What should I do? I also visited the post below, but no connection was made...
  11. Robioptic

    B4A - coder/programmer needed

    B4A - coder needed- Have an urgent job to do- Google maps GPS- WiFi- Bluetooth coding. Anyone interested pls contact me with your fees and ability-outline to work on this project on : :) Thanks Rob -o-o-
  12. R

    Spanish Error al imprimir por bluetooth

    Hola! Tengo una aplicación desarrollada en B4A de un sistema de autoventa con impresión de albaranes que funcionaba desde hace años, pero a raíz de instalar la versión 9.8 me ha dejado de imprimir vía bluetooth en ciertos dispositivos antiguos, en otros sigue imprimiendo bien, y en otros...
  13. yo3ggx

    Bug? Bluetooth Discover fail if targetSDKversion is set to 29 (Android 10)

    Hi, I'm using the updated example from here: Discovery works with targetsdkversion="28" (Android9), but fail with targetsdkversion="29" (Android10). As I want to use in my app the latest features from...
  14. chardenal

    iOS Question Bluetooth error ?

    Hello, I use Bluetooth BLE for my APP (iBLE 2.01). It works fine with iOS 12 (iphone 5 and iPad), but I have this error with iOS 13.3 (iPhone X) It crash after this line : Application_Start Application_Active Page1_Appear SignalHandler 6 Error occurred on line: 3874 (ChoixSession) Signal -...
  15. Humberto

    Android Question BluetoothAdmin after disable the bluetooth in config start calling Serial_Connected

    I´m testing the bluetooth connection. When I run the program it reads all bluetooth arround and stop. If I go to Android Config anf disable the bluetooth the "Serial_Conected" routine inside BluetoothAdmin is calling without stop, even if you turn the bluetooth on again it doesn´t stop calling...
  16. rad

    Android Question Need Help for RTU MODBUSS library

    Hi B4A Masters... Can anyone here help me to wrapping MODBUS RTU? I have to create an application which will communicate with Bluetooth HC05 @ PLC Board using stardard Modbuss RTU. And how much I have to donate for this library?
  17. amidgeha

    Share My Creation Throttle Reset OBD2

    Simply reset your throttle body in order to fix throttle problems . (This function works on most cars like Hyundai, Mercedes Benz , BMW etc... Note: Throttle Reset works with an ELM327 based car scanner that plugs into the diagnostics socket in the car and pairs with this app over Bluetooth...
  18. A

    Share My Creation Gps based Sports Tracker App

    This is my Gps sports tracking App. I started this project 10 months ago without previous android programming experience. I started the project with B4a 8.3 then I moved to B4a 9.3. With the great help of this forum, I can now say that the first version is finished. Further improvements of the...
  19. R

    Android Question Issue with reading data from arduino via Bluetooth

    Hi I’m trying to send data from the Arduino to mobile app and I’m getting a wired result and I’m unsure why I will try and send HelloWord from the Arduino and it comes out on the B4A Log as the following >H >elloWorld I have added the code I’m using below I got the code from the demo...
  20. J

    iOS Question Connect Bluetooth Keyoard iOS

    How do I get the key pressed from a bluetooth keyboard connected to a iOS device in B4i?