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This is a game for two participants (two players or one player against the computer).

Loses the player who removes the last element.

At each turn, a player has a single move to remove the desired number of elements in a row, as long as adjacent.

The ultimate goal is to leave the opponent with the last item to be deleted.

It's possible to assign a time to each player's round of play or to complete the entire game (not with the Free Version).

The results obtained with some game modes against the computer are stored in a world ranking.

Test yourself and see who's the best.

The free version of the application has some functional limitations.

In particular, time modes are disabled and you can only play the two players game and not against computer.

Therefore, the results obtained in this case are not stored in the world rankings.

Full Version :

Free Version :


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Very nice.
I like how you added the option for several different themes and backgrounds.


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interesting game that reminds me of some flash game I played once that was impossible to win.