eval or similar to execute statements


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I've got a number of fields on a form (all called "txt{something}" eg txtHomeTelephoneNumber) and I want to be able to quickly set them in code, ideally without typing every time
txtHomeTelephoneNumber.Text = PimContact.HomeTelephoneNumber

is there a quicker way (or at with least less typing)?

for instance in classic ASP I could do


sub setField(fldName)
eval("txt" & fldName & ".Text = PimContact." & fldName)
end sub

I know I'm just being lazy ;)


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that lets me get at the value for the control on the form
so I can do the the Control("txt" & fldName).Text part of the process but...

doesn't seem to want to let me access the corresponding PimContact (Outlook Contact) field unless I'm missing something (quite likely!)

both Control("PimContact." & fldName) and Control("PimContact").fldName give me a compile error and Control("PimContact","Contact").Control(fldName) gave me a runtime error

any suggestions?

not critical, just reduces my typing considerably ;)