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Everywhere USA Map software is training software for new sailors. We call changing direction when going into the wind tacking. A sailboat is not being powered during this period of time. Some boats and some sailors are better at tacking than others. It's like any other skill; it needs to be measured using a reference. The variables are many. This software measures and records tacking.

To measure small areas, the software uses "seconds" from the GPS library. Seconds cover an area of about one minute. The software picks any minute you happen to be in to display your tack.

I found several years ago that the "seconds" part of the GPS library had lots of random noise. After doing more research, the noise appears to be coming from my laptop computer or something in my office. Receiving those "seconds" outside appears to work well. The noise problem also applies to the other parts of the library, although not as bad.

The rest of the software records boat speed into the tack and speed after the tack. Comparing the two gives the user an efficiency rating. The software tacks itself when it sees a 60-degree change of course and records the angle of the new course.

The screenshot with small red circle is about 100 feet in diameter. The screenshot with the black circle has its angle measured at the top of the screen.

I appreciate the input of Anywhere Software and the Forum for this project. Everyone may need to know how to sail and tack soon if the price of fuel keeps going up.



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