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I am having trouble with the excel library.

I can create an workbook but whenever I try to read it back I Get

" the input file was not found"

I've attached an example of my code.

Anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

Many Thanks.

Sub Activity_Resume

Dim newWorkbook As WritableWorkbook
newWorkbook.Initialize(File.DirRootExternal, "testjp.xls")
Dim sheet1 As WritableSheet
sheet1 = newWorkbook.AddSheet("Movies", 0)

Dim cell As WritableCell
cell.InitializeText(1, 0, "Hello")

LoadTable(File.DirRootExternal, "testjp.xls")
End Sub

Sub LoadTable(Dir As String, FileName As String)
    Dim workbook1 As ReadableWorkbook
    Dim moviesSheet As ReadableSheet
    workbook1.Initialize(Dir, FileName)
    moviesSheet = workbook1.GetSheet(0)

End Sub