Exceptions handling library


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Now that Basic4PPC version 6.30 is released I can also release my Exceptions library. Erel has added a new B4PObject(6) that provides access to exception details. Now you can identify the exception and handle it appropriately. Naturally this only works on version 6.30 or later!

The help file includes a description of .NET exceptions and how they are handled in Basic4PPC. The Exceptions library will work on device and desktop and under .NET 1.0/1.1 and 2.0. It will work in the IDE and both legacy and optimised compiled apps.

Exceptions2.dll is a .NET 2.0 only library that is the same as Exceptions but can also return a Stack Trace if required, a facility that needs .NET 2.0. The Exceptions library will be more than adequate for most uses.

EDIT : - Source code for dll merging posted. Put it in your Basic4ppc Deskop\Libraries folder


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