Android Question Execute Code at runtime. Is this possible?

Gianni Sassanelli

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i need to customize some user experience of view
For examble RowHeight, User Color and other

I have thinked to insert a list of commands in a memo field and run it at runtime.
Is this possible?
An example of memo is the following
Dim LaySetting as String
LaySetting = $"
    txtBarcode.Color         = Colors.RGB(255,192,128)
    txtBarcode.TextSize = 20
On activity_create event
i need scan memo field and execute each command line


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maybe its more like
txtBarcode.Color = RequestCustom("BarcodeColor")
txtBarcode.TextSize = RequestCustom("BarcodeSize")

this sub RequestCustom can use a setting file or database request.
the config data can be json string or something that can be easy read.
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