B4A Class ExternalStorage Class - Additional Use Case

The ExternalStorage Class is billed as accessing external SD Cards and USB sticks. I have found it is also useful for relocating data sets without having to recompile an application. This is because of two things.

1) StorageClass works on internal as well as external memory.

2) Access to files via StorageClass is relative to the folder chosen by the user when an application is first run.

I found this useful as one of my phones suddenly developed a fault and stopped being able to access the external SD Card. I have a large set of maps and map data that was located in several different folders in the root of the SD Card and accessed by StorageClass. I regenerated the data set in a folder in the root of the internal storage (DirRootExternal!) and thought I would now need a special compilation of the application that uses the data, which I didn't really want to do as the same application is used on other phones. However I uninstalled and reinstalled the application, so negating the previous StorageClass root, and when the application asked for access I selected the new data folder in the internal memory instead of the root of the SD Card (which now wasn't there!) as before and, lo and behold, it works fine :)

Hopefully this tip might be useful to someone someday.