Facebook API

Enrique Gonzalez R

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I am drowning on work so i need a helping hand on dealing with facebook. whether you want to create it as an HTTP Rest call or use the Facebook android SDK there is no problem.

Required features:
1.- OAUTH 2.0 for facebook
2.- Dealing with permission and responses.
3.- Retrieving users posts. (should be choosable. i mean if i want to retrieve 1 or 10 i should have the ability to choose)

What is needed:
1.- An example app with documented code
2.- If you are going to use facebook SDK i would prefer to be JavaObject oriented but it is up to you.
3.- in case it is a library i will need both source code and binary

I will give you the token of the app to make the proper calls so you should have no problem signing a NDA.

Please PM me with your estimated time and expected price.