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    With the great help from Erel, I want to post a very short and easy tutorial for showing facebook audience network ads on our iOS apps. This will be a short one as I described every step very detailed with android tutorial.

    First things to do are do the procedures 3,4 and 5 as described in android tutorial for the iOS. You choose ios platform instead of android. Create ad units for ios and edit your mediation settings on admob.:

    After you complete those steps add these lines to b4i region attributes:

    #AdditionalLib: FacebookAdapter.framework
    #AdditionalLib: FBAudienceNetwork.framework
    (The files are added to hosted builder thanks to Erel) ,
    If you are using local mac you can find the FAN framework from facebook sdk and adapter from here:

    Just navigate to files and download the zip. Extract the framework.

    That's all. Facebook ads will start to show after some hours. If you don't have any approved reviews before you have to send the app to review as described in android tutorial sections 7 and 8.

    Minimum build version must be 6.0 for FAN ads.

    Thanks to Erel for all his help and uploading the files to hosted builder.

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    Thank you tufanv!

    A tip about frameworks: don't unzip the iOS frameworks on a PC. This causes the frameworks to be corrupted. I think that it is related to symbolic links that are inside the frameworks.

    If you want to upload a framework to the hosted builders then you need to send me a zip file (other formats will not work) created on a Mac computer with the framework as a top folder in the zip file. There could be multiple frameworks in the same zip file.
    For example:

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