Android Question fail to connect B4A to phone by USB cable


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I'm trying to connect B4A to my "Samsung S 3 Mini" by USB port, but when I run program, B4A don't connect to it.

On my phone, I have enable "debug USB" option, and then I have connected the phone to the PC. On phone I see a little icon "usb" on top-left of the screen, and if I try to read/write files into phone it works, so I think that the drivers on PC works perfectly.
But when I run B4A, I select "Debug (legacy)" option, then "Compile & Run", it compile, but then appeare a message that tell me "No device found. Please start an emulator".

How I can do it ??

On my phone, is it correct that appeare only one icon ("usb" icon) or need to appeare also a little icon "debug mode" ??



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Hi there!
I had the same problem. Uninstall Java JDK and Android SDK and then install again. Has helped me. Maybe it helps you too.
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