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This app was inspired when a relative went to the ER and when asked what medicines they took I was unable to remember them all let alone the dosages.
This app for device or desktop lets you have all the family medicines,dosages,when taken and special instructions. It uses sqlite and in order to display the details one at a time with next and previous control I used a list box(hidden) loaded with data as per selected name, then displaying it in text boxes one line at a time. I am not a huge fan of on form tables except for business apps. So this was my workaround. There is a print sub commented out just uncomment it for the desktop version, a button is also there just make it visible. b4ppc is fantastic I have written several small apps already..sorry about the screen size I thought I had it set to 320w x 240h for my windows phone. It still works ok on the desktop and I am reworking the dev version. I have taken this version down I will is the correct version...thanks to Klaus for his comments

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Hi tremara1,

I had a look at your program, it's nice looking and shurely useful.

I have some questions and suggestions.
- The ADD button on the main window has no effect ?
It could directly take the modifications in the textboxes and add as a new medecin, similar to UPDATE button

- After an update of a medicin, the program jumps back to the 1st person, I think that it would be more useful if the display would remain at the same person and medicin.

- The red 'buttons' in front of the textboxes seem to be ImageButtons, but they don't have any effect. Are they only images ? In that case you could set Enabled to false and nothing will happen when clicking on them. Or use just Image controls. It seems also that 4 of them are transparent and the fifth one 'Dose' is not. I find the look of this one nicer.
- You say that the printing sub is commented out for the device. You can have the same source code for both in using the cPPC constant to check with
If cPPC Then
End IF
where the program runs, on the device or desktop and put the dedicated code there.

I tried the exe file on my device, unfortunately it doesn't run. I think there should also be an exe version for the device.

Wouldn't you also share the source code of your program, I am shure that there are users interested in a concrete SQL application.

These are just suggestions and for shure no critics at all.

Best regards.
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Good job!!!

Excuse my poor English, but the code is actually very good ... Congratulations! Any time, I will post something made by me, to analyze. Thank you.