Filter a table on keypresses


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A small challenge...
I've worked out how to filter a table on a specific text entry
table1.Filter("ColName = '*xyz*'")

I now have two questions wrapped up in one...

1/ is it possible to (easily) find all entries in a column (or columns) that contain the characters X and Y (case insensitive but in that order) and filter on that so "abXcdYe", "abcXYde" and "XabcdeY" would all be shown

2/ is it possible to build a string on a smartphone by simply trapping keys from the form (using the door library) and avoid the need for a visible text box? I'm guessing character 8 would need trapping as delete and while it's straightforward on a Dash or BlackJack (full QWERTY keyboard) on a T9 (Touch Dual) to a T20 device (Shadow) you'd have to allow for any of the possible key values (eg rather than filtering for X in a specific position filter on X,Z or @ for instance)

To give you the scenario... I have a contact list and I want to rapidally allow a user to narrow down to a particular name by tapping in a few characters 9much like in some of the dialer apps) ... at it's simplest typing "off" (or hitting the OP key, the 4DF and 4DF key on the Shadow) to find "offbeatmammal" (or "office" or "bugoff externimators") and I'd be happy with that... if it could also find words that have an O/P followed by F/D/4 and F/D/4 (in any combination but in that order) it would be a huge bonus

any thoughts most welcome ;)


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A small example is attached.
I've only tested it on the desktop.
Filtering is done with the Regex library.
Sub Globals
    'Declare the global variables here.
    Dim keys(0)
    Dim pattern
End Sub

Sub App_Start
    keys() = Array("[0]","[1]","[2ABCabc]","[3DEFdef]","[4GHIghi]" _ 
    pattern = "^.*"
End Sub

Sub Form1_KeyPress (specialKey)
    If IsNumber(Chr(specialKey)) OR specialKey = 8 Then
        If IsNumber(Chr(specialKey)) Then
            pattern = pattern & keys(Chr(specialKey)) & ".*"
        Else If specialKey = 8 Then
            If alStack.Count > 0 Then
                pattern = SubString(pattern,0,alStack.Item(alStack.Count-1))
            End If
        End If
        txtFilter.Text = ""
        regex.New2(pattern & "$",false,true)
        Match.Value = Regex.Match(txtFull.Text)
        Do While Match.Success
            txtFilter.Text = txtFilter.Text & match.String & crlf
            match.Value = Match.NextMatch
    End If
End Sub

Sub FillWithRandomData
    For i = 1 To 100
        name = ""
        For i2 = 1 To 5
            name = name & Chr(Rnd(Asc("a"),Asc("z")+1))
        txtFull.Text = txtFull.Text & name & crlf
End Sub
Sub txtFull_KeyPress (key)
End Sub

Sub txtFilter_KeyPress (key)
End Sub



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this works really well for the list, but can't work out how to convert it so it's filtering a table now a textbox.
will I need to maintain the textbox and reload the table based on the filtering on each keypress?
it's not critical in the app at the moment but would be nice for my to have this funtion (for both T9, T20 and QWERTY devices)


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It is not possible to directly filter the table in such way.
What are you using the table for?
I'm trying to replicate the contact picker on the smartphone... so as I type letters (or on T9 numbers) it reduces the list down. Reason for wanting to do it on the table (rather than textbox) is that I wanted to format the list to show name, cellphone and email in the list.

Happy to go back to just showing name (actually was thinking about having a name list and next to it a synchronised table that users can tab between various phone numbers and email address etc)

Short term I'm going to just scroll to the letter on a keypress and go from there... maybe we can have filtering in vNext ;)