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Thank you Erel, but still no success.
I am using b4a 9.3 as well.

I tried to use the firebase storage example from

I did the following :

- updated all recomended from the sdk manager.

- created in firebase the app "b4a example" with the package name "b4a.firebase"

- created a sign key in order to get the SHA1 string

- updated the key in the app settings in firebase

- downloaded the google-services.json and put it in the example dir

- run the example

app run ok.

when I click the sign up with google - I choose an account to sign in with.

I get this error :
** Activity (main) Resume **
SignInWithGoogle called
** Activity (main) Pause, UserClosed = false **
sending message to waiting queue (OnActivityResult)
running waiting messages (1)
ResultArrived Error: Status{statusCode=unknown status code: 12500, resolution=null}, null
** Activity (main) Resume **

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