Android Question Firebase Storage strange bill error message : please help.


Guys I haven't much to say but I tried to upload into Firebase Storage a image(extension jpeg) but I find the message below when I open that file from Storage:

<Message>Bucket is a requester pays bucket but no user project provided.</Message>
<Details>Bucket is Requester Pays bucket but no billing project id provided for non-owner.</Details>

Usually after thet one file is uploaded I can see his preview in Storage but not in this case, instead I see a red error message.

I understood only that this mistake is about project price and on the network I found that I must add this code to POST request url , but I've using firebaseStorage library:

" POST / upload / storage / v1 / b / o? userProject = YOUR PROJECT & uploadType = multipart & name = testPostman "

Is here someone who can help me?
What can I do?
What must I do?

Ps:My project is blaze plane.