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Hello, I'm trying to compile Don Manfred's example from the Firebase Ui library and I get the following error.
Version B4A: 9.01.2 Java version: 11 Analysis code. (0.03s) Structure of construction folders. (0.06s) Compilation code. (0.05s) Compiling design code. (0.00s) Organization of libraries. (0.00s) Generating R Error file C: \ android2 \ tools \ .. \ extras \ b4a_local \ unpacked-firebase-ui-auth-63661117860962 \ res \ values \ styles.xml: 130: error: Failed to retrieve the parent item: no found resource that matches the given name 'Widget.Design.TextInputLayout'.

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Did you added DesignSupport and AppCompat library to your app?
Are you using android.jar from platform 28?
You are using the provided res folder inside your app?
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