First Live Wallpaper - Bouncing smiley


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Try to catch the smiley...

The LiveWallpaper library will probably be available tomorrow.
Here is the code:
'Service module
Sub Process_Globals
   Dim lwm As LWManager
   Dim x, y, vx, vy As Int
   Dim initialized As Boolean: initialized = False
   Dim boxSize As Int
   Dim smileyBitmap As Bitmap
   Dim backgroundColor As Int
   backgroundColor = 0xff79CDCD
   Dim Degrees As Int
End Sub
Sub Service_Create
   lwm.Initialize("lwm", True)
   vx = 10dip 'smiley speed
   vy = 10dip
   boxSize = 40dip
   smileyBitmap.Initialize(File.DirAssets, "smiley.gif")
End Sub

Sub Service_Start (StartingIntent As Intent)

End Sub

Sub Service_Destroy

End Sub

Sub lwm_SizeChanged (Engine As LWEngine)
   If initialized = False Then
      initialized = True
      x = Engine.ScreenWidth / 2
      y = Engine.ScreenHeight / 2
   End If
End Sub
Sub lwm_VisibilityChanged (Engine As LWEngine, Visible As Boolean)
   If Visible Then
   End If
End Sub
Sub lwm_Tick (Engine As LWEngine)
   If x > Engine.ScreenWidth Then
      vx = -1 * Abs(vx)
   Else If x < boxSize Then
      vx = Abs(vx)
   End If
   If y  + boxSize > Engine.ScreenHeight Then
      vy = -1 * Abs(vy)
   Else If y < boxSize Then
      vy = Abs(vy)
   End If
   Engine.Rect.Top = y
   Engine.Rect.Left = x
   Engine.Rect.Bottom = y + boxSize
   Engine.Rect.Right = x + boxSize
   Engine.Canvas.DrawRect(Engine.Rect, backgroundColor, True, 1) 'Erase the previous smiley
   x = x + vx
   y = y + vy
   Engine.Rect.Top = y
   Engine.Rect.Left = x
   Engine.Rect.Bottom = y + boxSize
   Engine.Rect.Right = x + boxSize
   Degrees = (Degrees + 10) Mod 360
   Engine.Canvas.DrawBitmapRotated(SmileyBitmap, Null, Engine.Rect, Degrees) 'Draw the new smiley
End Sub

Sub lwm_Touch (Engine As LWEngine, Action As Int, tx As Float, ty As Float)
   If Action <> 0 Then Return '0 is the value of Activity.ACTION_DOWN
   If tx > x - boxSize AND tx < x + boxSize AND _
      ty > y - boxSize AND ty < y + boxSize Then
      vx = -vx 'change the smiley direction if the user pressed on it
      vy = -vy
   End If
   Engine.Canvas.DrawCircle(tx, ty, 5dip, Colors.Red, False, 2dip)
   Engine.Rect.Left = tx - 7dip
   Engine.Rect.Top = ty - 7dip
   Engine.Rect.Right = tx + 7dip
   Engine.Rect.Bottom = ty + 7dip
End Sub

The APK is attached. You will need to install it and then long press on the home screen and add "My LiveWallpaper".


  • LiveWallpaperBall.apk
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