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Hello all.

I have a question about Flexible table class.

Dim SQlScript As String
    Dim Curs1 As Cursor
    PriceChangeHeaderTable.ShowStatusLine = False
    PriceChangeHeaderTable.InitializeTable(2, Gravity.CENTER, False)
    PriceChangeHeaderTable.SetHeader(Array As String("Date", "Document"))
    PriceChangeHeaderTable.SetColumnsWidths(Array As Int(120dip, 140dip))
    'PriceChangeHeaderTable.StatusLine = False
    SQlScript = $"SELECT * FROM Price_Changes ORDER BY ACode DESC"$
    Starter.LocalSQL.Initialize(Starter.SafeFolder, "DVDatabase.db", True)
    Curs1 = Starter.LocalSQL.ExecQuery(SQlScript)
    For ii = 0 To Curs1.RowCount - 1
        Curs1.Position = ii
        PriceChangeHeaderTable.AddRowAutomaticWidth(Array As String(Curs1.GetString("RegDate"), _

At line 3 I use PriceChangeHeaderTable.ShowStatusLine = False but doesn't work.
The row counter keep showing but in one upper position.
The result is like the picture i show here.
I am doing something wrong.



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I see it too. Thank you for reporting it.
You find the updated version in the first post in Flexible Table.

You can add the Table also in the Designer.
There you can set all the properties directly.

You fill the Table from a database in a For / Next loop.
You could use directly :
SQlScript = $"SELECT RegDate As Date, DocTitle As Document FROM Price_Changes ORDER BY ACode DESC"$
PriceChangeHeaderTable.LoadSQLiteDB(Starter.LocalSQL, SQlScript, True)
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