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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by superbabicka, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. superbabicka

    superbabicka Member Licensed User

    Can anybody tell me how can I select (highlight) text in textbox after 3 seconds..?

    I stuck with this:
    When I finish with barcode scanning, the number is write in textbox.
    When I click again on button for scanning the previous number is not disappear (in the same textbox), so scanner write after previous number like:

    5310048000210 - First Scanning
    3360372058861 - Second scanning

    Result = 53100480002103360372058861

    I want after First Scanning to focus textbox with highlight, and then when I push button again the previous text will be disappear in the same textbox and will be come new sanned number.

    Any idea, or solution ..?
  2. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Hi superbabicka,
    You can empty the textbox with Textbox1.Text="" before the next scan.
  3. superbabicka

    superbabicka Member Licensed User

    I try to use Textbox1.Text="" after 3 seconds, but data in another textboxes automatically disappear when Textbox1.Text="", and I cannot see the customer data after Textbox1.Text=""...

    Here (like LOOP) I use Barcode.dll from Erel.

    Is there a way (with some command) :
    On Next Form Action (Textbox1.Text="") - or something like that...?

  4. superbabicka

    superbabicka Member Licensed User

    OK I fix this !!!


    I create new textbox Out of loop and after timer_tick I fill all other textboxes in form :)

    My Code:

    Sub Form4_Show
    Sbarkod.Text = ""
    Sbarcode.New1("Form4","Sbarkod") 'this is Obj. Barcode.dll
    TextTrial.Focus 'this is Invisible textbox
    Timer3.Interval=200 'less then 1 second (2 millisecond)
    End Sub

    Sub Sbarcode_TextChanged
    SCavt.Text = ""
    SNameF.Text = ""
    SNameL.Text = ""
    SGender.Text = ""
    SAddress.Text = ""
    SCity.Text = ""
    For i = 0 To Table1.RowCount - 1 'Table1 is table where I load CSV database
    If Table1.Cell("Barcode",i) = Sbarkod.Text Then
    SCavt.Text = Table1.Cell("CAVT Number",i)
    SNameF.Text = Table1.Cell("First Name",i)
    SNameL.Text = Table1.Cell("Last Name",i)
    SGender.Text = Table1.Cell("Gender",i)
    SAddress.Text = Table1.Cell("Address",i)
    SCity.Text = Table1.Cell("City",i)
    End If
    End Sub

    Sub Timer3_Tick
    Sbarkod.Text = TextTrial.Text 'Here I fill data into Sbarkod textbox
    TextTrial.Text = ""
    End Sub

    Sub TextTrial_KeyPress (key) 'after this click Timer3 is enabled and read data from CSV again
    End Sub

  5. superbabicka

    superbabicka Member Licensed User

    I cannot use ENTER

    I cannot use ENTER because of next scanning...

    If I use CHR(13) then will be again same number in the field.
    But, your timer tick is helpful for me for another function ;)

    Thank you for your post !
  6. RandomCoder

    RandomCoder Well-Known Member Licensed User

    You can still use a similar type of idea.
    Just check for the text changing and count the number of ticks.
    Reset the count everytime the text changes or if still "", when the count reaches 6 (if timer is set to 500ms) then you have your new value.

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