Forum Search bug?


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I tried to do a search for an error that I had by pasting the below line in the "Search" field in the top right corner of the forum:


The intellisearch drop-down did not display any exact matches as I pasted the above.

When I then hit enter, it gave me pages of results, but NONE of the links listed as "hits" on the first page even contained that search phrase, so I thought I was out of luck finding any solutions for my error.

It wasn't until by chance I came across this page by accident:

And this page contained the exact search phrase I was searching for.

Is there something wrong with the search phrase for why the forum search didn't list the above page as a "hit"?


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Cool tip!


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I thought the forum did a full text search too, but I realised about a month ago that it doesn't - it seems to only be searching titles and keywords
This is incorrect. All text is searched. It is an index based search and the parsing and tokeniziation process is quite complex.

It does look like a tokenizer bug. It will be checked.
Might be related to the square bracket before the phrase.


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This is incorrect. All text is searched.
I am wishing now that I'd double-checked before posting, because... the search certainly seems to be working now. I have a clear recollection of not being able to track down some old posts to refer to, but no screenshots, so... right now, I owe you an apology.

Sorry :)