Android Question Fully Functional WebBrowser with WebView


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I need to make a webview fully functional. In other words I need it to be able to browse any site on the web including login sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc...

I have already implemented forward, back, refresh, navigate to site.

I see on FrostCode's WebView Example you can also set these settings:

WebView Extras Settings:
    WebViewExtras1.addWebChromeClient(WebView1, "WebViewExtras1")
    WebViewSetting1.setDatabaseEnabled(WebView1, True)
    WebViewSetting1.setDOMStorageEnabled(WebView1, True)
    WebViewSetting1.setGeolocationEnabled(WebView1, True)
    WebViewSetting1.setJavaScriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically(WebView1, False)
    WebViewSetting1.setSaveFormData(WebView1, False)
    WebViewSetting1.setSavePassword(WebView1, False)
    WebViewSetting1.setSupportZoom(WebView1, False)
    WebViewSetting1.setUseWideViewPort(WebView1, False)
    WebViewSetting1.setDatabasePath(WebView1, "")
    WebViewExtras1.addJavascriptInterface(WebView1, "B4X")

What else do you need to setup to make my browser fully functional?


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You may want to check this out:

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For what it is worth, this site seems to have all the tests a fully functional browser should pass.

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