1. M-CAP7AIN

    Bug? B4A 10.70 Webview LoadUrl('File') Problem ?

    B4A version 10.70 when compiled project in Release , webview load file problem : WV.LoadUrl("file:///android_asset/asset/"&FILE_NAME) but B4A version 10.20 work correctly.
  2. R

    Bug? WebView. Initialize is slow on first use

    I am observing that the first call to WebView.Initialize is taking about 3500 ticks. Subsequent calls take about 15 ticks. I am creating webviews dynamically; they are not bound to any views in a layout. If this is normal behavior, I couldn't find that documented anywhere and I don't recall...
  3. B

    iOS Question b4i WebView in IOS Simulator can access only limeted number pages on internet

    I'm running IOS simulator on macbook, but WebView can acces only local pages and only few internet pages - not all. Is this limitation of Simulator or I'm doing something wrong? Is it possible to catch WebView errorCode like in b4a with WebViewExtrax2 library Sub...
  4. B

    iOS Question B4i 6.5 how to use WebView.InitializeWithCustomConfiguration

    Can anyone please give an example for WebView.InitializeWithCustomConfiguration ?? as from b4i 6.5 WKWebView is used as inernal WebWiew library Is it possible to force this way the WebView will ignore Selfsigned certificate error or better to create handler for SSL errors and any other errors...
  5. DeveloperNima

    Android Question WebViewExtras (WebView) touch or click on EditText

    Hello dear friends I want to touch EditText in WebView when touched inside the app Edit Text. But I can not do that, Please guide me ! Thank you in advance for your effort .
  6. Erick Kalugdan

    Android Question Select file (like PDF) then upload via WebView or OkHttpUtils2

    I have a web app (written in PHP) which is accessed by a WebView in my B4A app. I need the user to select a file (like PDF) from his phone and upload it to my web app via form POST as multipart/form-data. Note that the file is outside my app's assets / internal directories. I can't seem to...
  7. H

    Android Question webview question

    I have two webviews (webview1, webview2) on the form, one to show the website content and the other one to show the user avatar. I noticed that when I call webview.loadUrl from a button, then the session terminates (and I need to sign in) however if I close the app and reopen, then the session...
  8. R

    Android Question How to view 'Wunderground' web pages in Webview

    I cannot display any webpages from the weather site Wunderground in a webview. The webpage loads but then switches to a solid white screen. I have tried using chrome client as well but no luck. The sites display properly in PC browsers and in other browsers on android. Sample URLs are...
  9. B

    Android Question WebView don't show scriptmsg

    Hi everyone, my colleague wrote a webapp with visual studio that allor the users to login to save data on a database and show a confirmation message, and it works correctly via the browser. I've write an app with B4A that just load this webpage in a webview so i can easily share the apk with...
  10. R

    Android Question Capture Webview Problem

    Hello!, i'm trying to capture a webview and it doesn't come out complete I do not know what the error is, I attach project
  11. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [Solved] Problem with WebView and Integrated B4JPackager11

    I have a legacy project in which the main form and a modal form (for displaying a help screen) were designed in Scene Builder. Both contain WebViews. Being first developed under Java 8, I used Launch4j to produce the executable. However I had to make a minor update and having now moved to Java...
  12. Pablo Torres

    iOS Question unsecured calls to specific domains and non-secure pages in WebView at the same time

    Hi Everyone, I know how to make unsecured calls to specific domains using #PlistExtra: <key>NSAppTransportSecurity</key><dict><key>NSAllowsArbitraryLoads</key><false/> #PlistExtra: <key>NSExceptionDomains</key><dict> 'list the excluded domains (example.com and b4x.com) #PlistExtra...
  13. MitchBu

    Android Question Trying to save picture from WebView.

    Here is the code I am trying to use. I never get any file. WVLetter is the WebView. Dim WVPic As Bitmap = WVLetter.CaptureBitmap Dim Out As OutputStream Out = File.OpenOutput(File.DirDefaultExternal, "TestHTMLPic.png", False) WVPic.WriteToStream(Out, 100, "PNG") Out.Close...
  14. K

    Android Question WebView, local html + javascript and the Websocket connection is not working

    Hi All I am trying to make a very simple application that only runs a website in WebView from a local html file in the DirAssets directory. The website contains javascripts that work in my application, except for the Websocket connection options. All scripts from the file work correctly...
  15. letsmoscow

    Android Question Webview with full permissions.

    Hello! How i can use webview as standart browser with all perrmissions? Need use html5 (camera, geoposition) and file uploading. It's a possible (SDK 28)? Any examples with all of this permissions (camera, geo, uploading in one :) ))? Excuese for my English.
  16. Javier Alonso

    Android Question Webview onPageFinish event

    Hi, I am using this wonderful Webreader library from Informatix https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/epubreader-webreader.72560/, but I need to access the onPageFinished event of the underlying Webview. What I want is to use a WAIT FOR sentence to ensure that a page is fully loaded before...
  17. saeed10051

    Android Question Query regarding webview

    Dear All i am using webview in an application to download and open an online pdf book. I am using following code, it opens the book in a pdf viewer...
  18. Ahmet KOÇ

    Android Question webview video fullscreen problem

    Video full screen button is not active on webview. anyone who solved this problem?
  19. a6000000

    Android Question [B4A] WebView how to hide Zoom Controls (+) (-) buttons ? setDisplayZoomControls(false)

    in AndroidStudio in WebView, I hide the (+) (-) Zoom Controls UI buttons with : // in AndroidStudio onCreate() : private WebView webView; // .. // hide +- buttons webView.getSettings().setDisplayZoomControls(false); How to hide it in B4A ?
  20. lerneBasic4Android

    Android Question [SOLVED] Local file with URI fragments in a WebView

    Hi, showing a remote URL with a URI fragment in a WebView works fine. For example the URL https://www.b4x.com/android/help/views.html#webview_loadurl is shown in a Webview. Using a local saved html file with framents does not work. Is there any way to show something like...