1. K

    Android Question WebView, local html + javascript and the Websocket connection is not working

    Hi All I am trying to make a very simple application that only runs a website in WebView from a local html file in the DirAssets directory. The website contains javascripts that work in my application, except for the Websocket connection options. All scripts from the file work correctly...
  2. letsmoscow

    Android Question Webview with full permissions.

    Hello! How i can use webview as standart browser with all perrmissions? Need use html5 (camera, geoposition) and file uploading. It's a possible (SDK 28)? Any examples with all of this permissions (camera, geo, uploading in one :) ))? Excuese for my English.
  3. Javier Alonso

    Android Question Webview onPageFinish event

    Hi, I am using this wonderful Webreader library from Informatix https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/epubreader-webreader.72560/, but I need to access the onPageFinished event of the underlying Webview. What I want is to use a WAIT FOR sentence to ensure that a page is fully loaded before...
  4. saeed10051

    Android Question Query regarding webview

    Dear All i am using webview in an application to download and open an online pdf book. I am using following code, it opens the book in a pdf viewer...
  5. Ahmet KOÇ

    Android Question webview video fullscreen problem

    Video full screen button is not active on webview. anyone who solved this problem?
  6. a6000000

    Android Question [B4A] WebView how to hide Zoom Controls (+) (-) buttons ? setDisplayZoomControls(false)

    in AndroidStudio in WebView, I hide the (+) (-) Zoom Controls UI buttons with : // in AndroidStudio onCreate() : private WebView webView; // .. // hide +- buttons webView.getSettings().setDisplayZoomControls(false); How to hide it in B4A ?
  7. L

    Android Question [SOLVED] Local file with URI fragments in a WebView

    Hi, showing a remote URL with a URI fragment in a WebView works fine. For example the URL https://www.b4x.com/android/help/views.html#webview_loadurl is shown in a Webview. Using a local saved html file with framents does not work. Is there any way to show something like...
  8. Phayao

    Android Question Mouseover effect by javascript not working in webview

    Hello, I could not find a solution in the forum, so i ask here: I load a html file which contains javascript via webview.loadurl. The javascript defines a mouseover or hover effect on <a> tags: Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Activity.LoadLayout("Layout")...
  9. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question Webview ignores links with target="_blank"

    In B4A, a link which in a normal browser opens in a new tab, just opens in the same webview. In other words, it ignores the target="_blank" attribute. In B4i, the webview instead ignores the link completely. It doesn't open. Right now my fix is: Private Sub wv_PageFinished (Success As Boolean...
  10. H

    Android Question PHP and WebView (XAMPP)

    Hi. I'm trying to display a PHP file from (XAMPP Local server) in a webview but i get nothing to show. Is there something i'm missing? I Should mention that the PHP page utilizes CSS and Javascript. Also, the PHP file is just a table that displays records. Is there a better way to do this...
  11. P

    Android Question Very poor webview performance

    Hi I'm loading a local html in a webview, but the webview is extremely slow. I tried adding hardware accelerating to manifest, and everything else found in forum. But none of them worked. I uploaded my project. if that helps. Also there's only a webview in my activity. nothing else This is...
  12. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question Webview: User agent and cookies

    Getting and setting the user agent In B4A I can set get and the user agent using using Reflector: Dim r As Reflector r.Target = webview r.Target = r.RunMethod("getSettings") ' Get user agent userAgent = r.RunMethod("getUserAgentString") ' Set user agent r.RunMethod2("setUserAgentString"...
  13. H

    B4J Question Sleep and WaitFor With Webview

    i want use "WaitFor" without stopping WebView. When i use "WaitFor" my WebView flashplayer and movable objects(Animations/Gif's) goes pausing. I do not want "WaitFor" to interfere in WebView's work.
  14. M

    iOS Question Make the status bar invisible AND the bottom bar (on iphoneX +)

    Hi everyone, it's possible to make the status bar transparent (in the screenshot is the white space at the top), anche make transparent the bottom part? This layout is simply a web view with a GIF, in the designer the Webview is set to cover all the area. This represent the splashsceen. Thanks!
  15. james_sgp

    iOS Question Webview not showing local image

    Im using Webview to display a large image (so can be zoomed and panned). It works perfectly on the Simulator and on development iPhone, but my testers (using Testflight) are not seeing the image and there is no error message. Can someone advice.. Thanks, James
  16. bernardR

    Android Question Bug in webview with contenteditable element

    Hello, I am stuck in the use of a contenteditable element of an html page by a bug that I can't get around. I isolated it in the very small program attached. Start the program 1. Place the cursor in the word A1B2CD3E4F5G6HIJKLM before G (a letter, not a number) 2. Type the sequence of the 3...
  17. F

    iOS Question FirebaseAuth with WebView

    I'm trying to login to my application with Facebook using FirebaseAuth, however when I call facebook.SignIn, it doesn't trigger the Auth_SignedIn (User As FirebaseUser) event after I accept to sign in with Facebook and Continue. Any idea how I could do that? thanks. Call format not using...
  18. Martin Larsen

    Android Question WebView with Upload File crashes

    I am trying to implement file upload for a webview. As soon as I insert these entries in the manifest, the app crashes immediately upon start. I have not implemented any of the B4A and Java code from the example, and the activity with the webview is not even started...
  19. DALB

    Android Question in webview no pictures appear

    Hello everyone, in a little app, i try to put a web page by this way, using a webview object in the designer which name is wv1. with an editor, I build a page I save as 'index.html'. This page has text and pictures. When I import in the index.html in b4a, the pictures are in a folder 'images'...
  20. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Virtual Keyboard hides input fields in webview

    I have a problem with the soft keyboard hiding input fields in webviews. I have tried the solution in this post but it works "too well" so to speak. It always pushes the webview up, thus hiding fields in the top that would not normally be covered by the keyboard. I have attached an example...