1. F

    iOS Question FirebaseAuth with WebView

    I'm trying to login to my application with Facebook using FirebaseAuth, however when I call facebook.SignIn, it doesn't trigger the Auth_SignedIn (User As FirebaseUser) event after I accept to sign in with Facebook and Continue. Any idea how I could do that? thanks. Call format not using...
  2. Martin Larsen

    Android Question WebView with Upload File crashes

    I am trying to implement file upload for a webview. As soon as I insert these entries in the manifest, the app crashes immediately upon start. I have not implemented any of the B4A and Java code from the example, and the activity with the webview is not even started...
  3. DALB

    Android Question in webview no pictures appear

    Hello everyone, in a little app, i try to put a web page by this way, using a webview object in the designer which name is wv1. with an editor, I build a page I save as 'index.html'. This page has text and pictures. When I import in the index.html in b4a, the pictures are in a folder 'images'...
  4. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Virtual Keyboard hides input fields in webview

    I have a problem with the soft keyboard hiding input fields in webviews. I have tried the solution in this post but it works "too well" so to speak. It always pushes the webview up, thus hiding fields in the top that would not normally be covered by the keyboard. I have attached an example...
  5. Marcos Alves

    Android Question GPS and WebView

    Hello all, I'm trying to use a webview that access a site which requires the location, but besides I requested and allowed PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION in the app I'm still getting the message about gps authorization required inside the webview - there is no any pop up to request that...
  6. D

    Android Question Intercepting Page Change on Webview

    I need to redirect certain App Websites to the main phone browser as webview is incomplete. This would typically be sites like Facebook.com. These App Websites would be accessed by the user clicking on a link, such as Facebook Share link. The code below is intended to intercept these clicks...
  7. T

    Android Question Android Webview Show URL Error

    ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error when using webview to display the webpage, but there is no problem using the built-in Chrome
  8. bdunkleysmith

    B4J Question [Solved] WebView error with B4JPackager11

    I'm trying to make the leap from Java 8 or OpenJDK 11, but I am experiencing an error which I've been unable overcome. I use the KeyListener from the jGameViewHelper library to launch a ModalForm to display the application's help in a WebView. After packaging it using B4JPackager11 and...
  9. D

    iOS Question WKWebView in IOS13 stopped working

    My app has stopped working since ios 13.3 upgrade. It is now failing to display the page in Webview. This is my code :- Dim xui As XUI File.Copy(File.DirAssets, la(Index,0) & ".pdf", File.DirDocuments, "page.pdf") WKWebView1.LoadUrl(xui.FileUri(File.DirDocuments, "page.pdf"))...
  10. I

    HTTPS POST and WebView (B4i)

    Hi All I am looking for someone to provide the equivalent B4I code as described in https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/webview-post-and-cookies.112327/#post-700842 if you are interested, please PM and let me know how much will you charge for it Thanks iCAB
  11. I

    iOS Question WebView Post and cookies

    Hi All, Can someone help provide the equivalent B4I code to the one below Private Sub InvokeLoginURL(UrlToInvoke As String, UserName As String, Password As String ) If WebView1.IsInitialized = False Then WebView1.Initialize("WebView1") Activity.AddView(WebView1, 0, 0%y...
  12. chris_selkis

    Android Question to read html with okhttputils 2 - character encoding

    Hello, sorry for my bad English. I'm using OkHttputils2 to download a text file and read it. this file contains html code. I display this code in a webview. it works well except for the characters "éèà% .." is there a library to read this encoding correctly? or how can I do it. thank you
  13. I

    B4J Question Webview Cookies

    I'm trying to use a webview in a B4J application but it only appears to be saving the cookies into memory which is a default setting going by the Java documentation rather than a file so my web application doesn't stay logged in as the cookie is lost when it closes. I've put the following code...
  14. I

    Android Question (Solved)WebView Post

    Hi Guys I am looking for an example that shows how to invoke a login page in webview. The page requires POST and passing the user name and password in json format. Thanks in advance iCAB
  15. peacemaker

    B4A Class ImageInternetChooser: pick image icon up from Internet directly

    End-users of some apps may need to choose small icons to save it into app's database. But there was no tool to choose a needed icon in 2-3 taps, but the Internet is always under finger. It seems, now it's possible. No fully free services with API for image searching, with good big database...
  16. Mashiane

    Android Question How safe are webview based apps?

    Ola Just got referred to this.. https://pentestlab.blog/2017/02/12/android-webview-vulnerabilities/ and https://www.checkmarx.com/2017/12/07/javascript-attacks-webviews/ So how safe are we in following this approach in developing apps? Ta!
  17. Brandsum

    B4A Class Webview Custom Error Page

    This code module will return a custom HTML design along with the actual error message instead of the default webview error page. Import the attached code module to your project and use it like below. Usage: Sub Globals Private MainWebView As WebView Private WVE As WebViewExtras...
  18. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Pre-loading a webview

    I would like to speed up the loading of a webview that almost always (like in 90% of the times) will be loaded by the user. So it makes sense to pre-load the content upfront, for example in the main activity. One feasible way would be to load the URL in the main activity or starter service and...
  19. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Applying a custom CSS to a Webview

    Is it possible to apply a custom CSS to a webview loaded with an external URL? Reason: To hide certain elements that are not relevant in the webview as opposed to viewed in a regular browser.
  20. F

    Android Question Enabling button when user scrolls down webview until the bottom [Solved]

    Hello, I have a long disclaimer displayed by a webview. I want the "I Agree" button enabled only after the user scrolls down until the end of the disclaimer. I tried to find an event that can be triggered by the user reaching the bottom of the document and I found onOverScrolled but I don't...