iOS Question GeoFence [Solved]

Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by Jamie8763, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Jamie8763

    Jamie8763 Active Member Licensed User

    I followed the geofence tutorial a while back but I can't get the demo to work. I just get error 3 has anything changed since the orginal tutorial was written? I'm using os 12 on iPhone X.

    I'm going to research the issue.
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Can you post the logs?
  3. Jamie8763

    Jamie8763 Active Member Licensed User

    This app has attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app's Info.plist must contain both “NSLocationAlwaysAndWhenInUseUsageDescription” and “NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription” keys with string values explaining to the user how the app uses this data
    Start monitoring: CLCircularRegion (identifier:'region2', center:<+32.83730010,+35.26970000>, radius:100.00m)
    I just added the required amendments.

    #PlistExtra:<key>NSLocationAlwaysAndWhenInUseUsageDescription</key><string>Monitor some region.</string>
    #PlistExtra:<key>NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription</key><string>Monitor some region.</string>
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