B4A Library GeoLocation

This is Library which is based on the code from this Github project.

Author: DonManfred
Version: 1.1
  • GeoLocator
    • Events:
      • Location (success As Boolean, Lattitude As Double, Longitude As Double)
    • Functions:
      • geoAddress
      • GetLocation
      • Initialize (EventName As String)
    • Properties:
      • Address As String [read only]
      • City As String [read only]
      • Country As String [read only]
      • KnownName As String [read only]
      • Lattitude As Double [read only]
      • Longitude As Double [read only]
      • PostalCode As String [read only]
      • State As String [read only]

If get the Location from the System. It result in using th GPS Provider, Network Provider or PASSIVE_PROVIDER. In the resultevent you get info from which Provider the Location is from.


  • GeoLocationV1.01.zip
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  • GeoLocEx.zip
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