Android Question Get Installed App's Cache Size


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Hi, all B4A-ers!
How can I get the Cache Size of an already installed app on Android phone? I spent hours searching everywhere in this site, but found no answers at all!

Can anyone post some code examples on how to get the Cache Size of the installed application?

Thanks you in advance!


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I don't think that it is possible to find the cache size of other applications.
Hi, Erel! Thanks you for your reply!
I have found out that many apps on Playstore can do that. For example, App Cache Cleaner.But I don't know how they do it :(.

I searched again all over the Internet, and found this on Stackoverflow.

I tried to test it using Inline Java Code, but I can't get it working as I am really a noob in Java :(

Please help me!
Thanks you,
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