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Discussion in 'B4J Questions' started by micro, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. micro

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    Hi to all
    there is an easy way how to get a background color of a panel?
    (I change the background color in certain situations)
    I do not want to use several variables to check the status of the bachground color.
  2. Roycefer

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    B4J doesn't use Panels, it uses Panes. If you're trying to change the background color of a JavaFX Pane in B4J, that is done through the Pane.Style property:
    Dim p as Pane
    p.Style = 
    "-fx-background-color:chartreuse"   'sets the Pane's background color with a CSS String
    Log("p's background color: " & Regex.Split(":", p.Style)(1))  'gets the Pane's CSS String, extracts the color and Logs it
    Be warned, though, that this method is brittle and it's more flexible to store the desired color value in a variable that you can plug into a much larger CSS template String as you desire. The CSS Strings can do much more than just set background colors. You'll have to do a little more work now, but you'll save yourself a lot of work in the future if you decide to style other aspects of the Pane.
  3. micro

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    Ok, Thanks (For panel i meant pane).