B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] XQ XPandPanel

An expandable panel with a titlebar (xq-titlebar), than can host any other view, inside the panel. It can have up to 5 icons in the right corner, one icon in the left corner and the title is auto-adjustable. The panel can also be animated while expanding/collapsing.

  • Up to 5 icons on the right side
  • Left/Burger icon (visible or not)
  • Change background and text color
  • Each element (panel, burger, title, icons) has each own click event
  • Title label adjusts its width, depending the icons visible
  • Can adjust icon spacing/padding
  • All default sizes are compatible with the Material Design
  • Can be animated while collapsing/expanding
  • Collapse/Expand events

View: xq_xpandpanel
Author: xqtr
Version: 1.00
Depends: XUI

  • Fields
    • Background As Int
    • ShowBurgerIcon As Boolean
    • IconSpacing As Int
    • IconPadding As Int
    • IconSize As Int
    • IconCount As Int
    • Icons(5) As B4XView*
    • TitleLabel As B4XView*
    • BurgerIcon As B4XView*
    • ShowBurgerIcon As Boolean
    • isCollapsed As Boolean
    • TitleBarHeight As Int
    • PanelHeight As Int
    • Radius As Int
    • Elevation As Int
    • Animated As Boolean
    • Duration As Int 'Animation Duration in ms
  • Events
    • IconClick(Index As Int)
    • TitleClick
    • BurgerClick
    • Collapse
    • Expand
    • PanelClick
  • Functions
    • Refresh 'Applies changes like color/size
    • Redraw 'Complete redraw of view, used when changing icon count
    • Clear 'Resets the view
    • AddIcon 'Adds an icon in the right size
    • GetPanel 'Returns the collapsible panel
    • Expand
    • Collapse
*The B4XView is Label


  • v1.00// 2024-03-31
    • Initial Release





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