iOS Tutorial Get screenshots for all iPhone devices for free and easily for use in AppStore

Hi every one,

Here is an easy usage guide for creating screenshots for AppStore Presence.

1) From b4i version 5.80 while working with the Hosted Builder there is the option Build Simulator Release app.
2) Click on it and it will send the project to hosted builder and it will be compiled as simulator release
3) Download last build.
4) Upload the downloaded in your apps' objects folder to and you are good to go. With you have a 100 minutes for free every month to run your apps and get screenshots for every device - good enough to take snapshots of your apps' final releases...
5) Get your screenshots for every device in 100%zoom and save these screenshots on folders named with device name (iPhone 6-7-8 have the same dimensions and iPhone 6+,7+,8+ have the same dimensions so you will need one folder and only screenshots from one of the three devices)
7) Download the AppStore images specifications from Apple or directly from my Dropbox Store Presence Specifications .docx?dl=0
7) Download the free Photoscape Application for Windows
8) With Photoscape go to batch editor and add to the batch separately the images of every device folder each time. With batch editor you transform the corresponding downloaded screenshots to the correct dimensions on the fly with just one click. There is also the option to save the configuration of batch editing and reload it for later screenshots for the same dimensions and name the configuration (I use Windows 7 version which has easier interface).
9) Enjoy

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It is a matter of doubling or trebling the pixels (the most) and the pictures are used only in AppStore and thus in most of the cases the hard sculpted edges are not noticed. Further more it is a resized image from a screen with real device resolution and screen proportions. What an apple developer must absolutely take care of is that the view of a whole page does not have hard scuplted edges in a real device (let's say in a retina enabled iPad).