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I have to fix a small correction in the running APP, not developed by me. following senario: always at the last index in the last view (CheckBox) in the CustomListview the index gives me what was last clicked! I'm afraid it's the class library but it's not!
where can I look ?? Any Idea ?

Dim chk As CheckBox = Sender
Dim index As Int
index = clv2.GetItemFromView(chk)

Dim pnl As Panel
pnl = clv2.GetPanel(index)
Dim pnl1 As Panel = pnl.GetView(0)

chkJa = pnl1.GetView(1)
chkNein = pnl1.GetView(2)

If chkJa.Checked = True Then
chkNein.Checked = False


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Hi Erel,
this code come from the function
Sub chkJa_CheckedChange(Checked As Boolean)
already said only at last view the index give me the last index clicked in the listview! i dont know why! any suspicion?

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