Android Question Getting "Too many field references to fit in one dex file" after reinstalling SDKs

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by JohnC, Aug 20, 2019.

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    I reinstalled my SDKs to fix an Emulator problem.

    Then I got Androidx related issues because I am using b4A 9.01 and the "" file seems to be designed to work with v9.3.

    I do not want to upgrade to 9.3 at this time out of concern there will be "new " problems I will have ot spend time fixing.

    So, I downloaded the "Ready To Run SDK" zip file from this page for the older "8.0+" versions of B4A:

    I then did the download of recommended SDK's using the SDK manager.

    Now, when I try to compile my app, I am getting this error:

    trouble writing output: Too many field references to fit in one dex file72281max is 65536.
    You may 
    try using multi-dex. If multi-dex is enabled then the list of classes for the main dex list is too large.
    Since I did not have this error before I reinstalled the SDK, I don't want to use the #MultiDex: True flag because of "Don't use this feature if not needed. Compilation will be a bit slower and there are no benefits."

    So, what is causing this error all of the sudden and how can I fix it other then the flag?

    (P.S. I do not want to upgrade to B4A 9.3 just yet)
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