Android Example GIF FILE - 3 x ROTATING EARTH


An example of the rotating earth with 3 x image views displaying the same GIF file but each separated by 120 degrees from the other. You will need to download the GIF file from here as it is too big to add to the zipped project: rotating 200ms.gif?dl=0

Download the GIF file and then copy it to the /files folder of the project.

You can also change Lines 76, 77, 78 to be as follow rather than the hard coded values for the frames:

Frame1 = 0
Frame2 = 2 * (gif1.FrameCount / 3)
Frame3 = gif1.FrameCount / 3

Just a different spinning earth that you can download from here and then use it by changing the file name in line 72 (after adding the down loaded file to the /files folder of the project) spin jhs.gif?dl=0


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