Android Question Google AdMob publishers are required to specify a <meta-data> tag


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AdMob SDK release notes has some new requirement for 17.0.0 version:
Google AdMob publishers are required to specify a <meta-data> tag with key in their AndroidManifest.xml. Refer to the Get Started guide for more details.
As I can see, everything work without adding additional <meta-data> tag in manifest, but I can also read on Get Started guide this text:
Important: This step is required as of Google Mobile Ads SDK version 17.0.0. Failure to add this <meta-data> tag results in a crash with the message: "The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized incorrectly."
I'm planing to update app and use latest AdMOb SDK 17.0.0.

Question is: do we need to add this tag in manifest, as everything work without <meta-data> tag?


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In the same link:
I have this information:
Before loading ads, have your app initialize the Mobile Ads SDK by calling MobileAds.initialize() with your AdMob App ID. This needs to be done only once, ideally at app launch.

I use banners, interstitial and native ads.
I need to do this?
If yes, how I can initialize with the AdMob App ID?
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