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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by scGuy, May 1, 2019.

  1. scGuy

    scGuy Member Licensed User

    I've been trying to make a test app that simply shows a google map, following this tutorial:

    So, I've followed the instructions exactly as described by Erel, *carefully* because I can't get enough of B4X but I have very limited knowledge of android sdk. When I get to the try it out stage, app will not compile, I get this error which I've seen others on the forum get also...

    B4A Version: 8.80
    Parsing code. (0.00s)
    Building folders structure. (3.46s)
    Compiling code. (0.34s)
    Compiling layouts code. (0.06s)
    Organizing libraries. (0.00s)
    Generating R file. Error
    AndroidManifest.xml:28: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'value' with value '@Integer/google_play_services_version').

    So I read down in the thread, and one thing mentioned is, do I actually have google play in my android\extras\google\google_play_services …? I did not, so I used the B4X IDE SDK Manager and downloaded *all* recommended packages, until it was all done... and I still didn't have it. Finding no way to get it installed, I tried to run the SDK Manager EXE that comes with android sdk… and it no longer exists... apparently it stopped being included around v24.

    After ages of searching, I finally figured out how to install google play services from command line:

    sdkmanager "extras;google;google_play_services"

    ...and this apparently worked, at least it appeared in "extras" folder. However, the B4X test project still fails to compile as shown above.

    My Manifest is:

    'This code will be applied to the manifest file during compilation.
    'You do not need to modify it in most cases.
    'See this link for for more information:
    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion=
    "5" android:targetSdkVersion="26"/>
    <supports-screens android:largeScreens=
    CreateResourceFromFile(Macro, Themes.DarkTheme)
    'End of default text.

    CreateResourceFromFile(Macro, FirebaseAnalytics.GooglePlayBase)


    It is specifically the following line that causes the compile error, but if I remove it the app fails immediately on startup:

    CreateResourceFromFile(Macro, FirebaseAnalytics.GooglePlayBase)

    This was included based on the link in the tutorial to here:

    It seems things keep changing in the B4A and android sdk worlds so fast that the tutorial may no longer work, or I've missed something. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. mangojack

    mangojack Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Move #AdditionalJar: ... line from manifest to Main Module .. Region Project Attributes.
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  3. scGuy

    scGuy Member Licensed User

    What was I thinking? Had manifest on the brain I guess. Thanks for finding my mistake, I looked at that for a couple hours and didn't see it :)
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