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Roger Daley

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Hello All,

Can someone please tell me the meaning of this error.
I have tried to add a "Map_click" event with the code below but it only results in the error message. Attached jpg.

Timer1.Initialize("Timer1", 1)

Sub Map_click
    Timer1.Enabled = True                ' Start Timer for scrolling screen
End Sub

Sub Timer1_Tick
    MarkerLocation = BTSMarker.Position
    BTSPosition = Projection1.toScreenLocation(MarkerLocation)
    BTSX = BTSPosition.X
    BTSY = BTSPosition.Y
    MarkerLocation = LANDMarker.Position
    LMPosition = Projection1.toScreenLocation(MarkerLocation)
    LMX = LMPosition.X
    LMY = LMPosition.Y
    If (BTSIV.Left = BTSX - BTSIV.Width/2) AND (LMIV.Top = LMY - LMIV.Height/2 + pnlDispLatLng.Height) Then
        Timer1.Enabled = False
        BTSIV.Left = BTSX - BTSIV.Width/2
        BTSIV.Top = (BTSY - BTSIV.Height/2) + pnlDispLatLng.Height
        LMIV.Left = LMX - LMIV.Width/2
        LMIV.Top = (LMY - LMIV.Height/2) + pnlDispLatLng.Height
    End If
End Sub

Regards Roger

Map_click Error.jpg


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Hello Roger,
this error means that the subroutine definition Sub Map_Click is not formed correctly. The sub Sub Map_Click expects a parameter: sub Map_Click (P As LatLng)

Best regards